Vincent Miles, author of The Lost Hero of Cape Cod
Vincent J Miles

VINCENT MILES, author of The Lost Hero of Cape Cod, has lived in the US since 1984 but was born and raised in Liverpool. Having spent many happy hours as a boy playing on the city's waterfront, he was naturally intrigued when he discovered that his house on Cape Cod was once home to a captain who sailed there. That captain turned out to be much less interesting than a cousin who lived just around the corner, and was presumably therefore a regular visitor: Asa Eldridge. After realizing that one of the greatest mariners ever to sail to his hometown must have sat in his current living room, Miles felt compelled to learn more. The Lost Hero of Cape Cod is the result.

     When he can tear himself away from the story of Asa Eldridge, Miles works in the biotech industry in the Boston area. He holds a B.Sc. in biochemistry and a Ph.D. in molecular biology from University College London.

     The Lost Hero of Cape Cod is his second book. The first harked back to another childhood experience, the seven years he spent in Liverpool’s Catholic minor seminary during the 1960s. Boys of the Cloth draws on this experience and Miles’ subsequent training as a scientist and business executive to present a unique analysis of the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church. Its highly-praised analysis leads to the paradoxical conclusion that the surge in abuse by priests that started in the 1950s and the subsequent decline that began in the 1980s were both unintended consequences of Church reforms with no obvious connection to sexual misconduct.