US Maritime History Brought to Life

The Lost Hero of Cape Cod tells the story of a record-setting 19th-century mariner, and of the epic battle between the young United States and Britain for supremacy in transatlantic trade.

Lost Hero of Cape Cod - Book

The Lost Hero of Cape Cod:
Captain Asa Eldridge and the Maritime Trade That Shaped America

Few characters in American maritime history are more intriguing than Asa Eldridge. Born in a small village on Cape Cod in 1809, he grew up to become one of the world’s greatest shipmasters. Even today, he still holds the record for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic by a sailing ship, which he set on a run from New York to Liverpool in 1854. But his story includes so much more. Voyages to numerous countries. Command of Cornelius Vanderbilt’s private yacht. An early move into steamships. And a mysterious end that eerily foreshadowed the Titanic disaster half a century later. (Learn more >>).

     In his book recounting Eldridge’s fascinating career, also tells a much broader story—of the rise of America’s merchant navy to a dominant position over Britain’s in the decades following the War of 1812, and of the government-subsidized British response that created the legendary Cunard Line. And along the way, he offers a guided tour of the maritime trade that shaped America, and a memorial to the courageous men who made it possible.

Captain Asa Eldridge